Rise and Fall

By Irfan Husain
Feb 4 2017 (Dawn, Pakistan)

The Roman Empire`s f all did not happen overnight: its citizens were unaware of a long-term decline, ascribing problems on the borders to the normal incursions from barbarian tribes.
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How Trump Can Truly Stop Terrorism

By Eresh Omar Jamal
Feb 4 2017 (The Daily Star, Bangladesh)

By now we all know of Donald Trump’s executive order temporarily banning the entry of citizens from seven Muslim majority countries. According to his statement, it [...] Read more »

ASEAN Naval Interoperability

By Ambassador Amado Tolentino
Feb 4 2017 (Manila Times)

The Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) is distinctly maritime. Even the less maritime-based Myanmar and Cambodia and landlocked Laos depend on the sea for [...] Read more »

A Tale of Solidarity and Partnership

By Mikael HemnitiWinther, Sidsel Bleken and Johan Frisell
Feb 4 2017 (The Daily Star, Bangladesh)

The 4th of February marks the 45th anniversary of the recognition of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh by the Nordic [...] Read more »