Solar Eclipse Countdown: Are You Geared Up?

NEW YORK, NY—(Marketwired – August 17, 2017) – With Monday's solar eclipse just four days away, people are scrambling to pick up eclipse viewing glasses before it's too late. The B&H SuperStore in New York City has a complete line of ISO–certified solar eclipse glasses, as well as solar binoculars, telescopes, and other products needed to maximize the viewing experience.

The B&H SuperStore is one of the only places in the country offering ISO–certified eclipse glasses without massive markups. Some listings online are marked up as much as 1,000%.

“Some people are really trying to take advantage of this phenomenon which is a shame,” said Todd Vorenkamp, B&H Photo Senior Writer for Explora. “Everyone should be able to view the eclipse safely and without breaking the bank.”

B&H is offering a 5–pack of solar eclipse glasses for $14.95 in–store only. The only online option is a 10–pack for $44.95. You can also shop online for other eclipse products, like solar telescopes, camera filters, and binoculars, on B&H's Solar Eclipse 2017 page.

Finally, B&H would like to remind everyone to be safe and protect your eyes during the eclipse. For some helpful tips, refer to CBS News' recent segment with B&H. For an in–depth guide, read a B&H Explora article titled 14 Tips for Solar Viewing and Photography Safety.

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