Surges and Swarms: A Conversation on Responsible Coverage of Migration

It is essential that media rise to the challenge of covering migration and put ethics at the centre of their coverage.

By UN University
Italy (UN University), Sep 13 2018 (IOM)

Addressing xenophobia to ensure the human rights and the inclusion of all migrants remains a pressing concern in the global migration agenda. A report by the United Nations University Institute on Globalization, Culture and Mobility addresses xenophobia through a consideration of representations of migration and the role of the media.

The report also aims to support international policymakers in their efforts to work towards a global compact on safe, orderly and regular migration and a global compact on refugees. Following the adoption of the NY Declaration on September 19th 2016 by the Member States of the United Nations, a two-year process was set in motion to prepare these compacts, that are to be adopted in 2018.

During the first phase (April-November 2017) of the process, UN agencies initiated consultations with key migration stakeholders, including civil societies, the private sector, the development community and academia. However, no formal consultation was initiated with global media, despite its central role in disseminating information about migration, shaping the public’s policy preferences and ultimately influencing inter-social relations between migrant groups and host societies.

Report by the United Nations University Institute on Globalization