Statement by Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC in Support of Israel, the Only Jewish State, and Condemnation of Moody's Downgrade Decision

NAPLES, Fla., Feb. 10, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC, a distinguished single–family office dedicated to fostering stability and prosperity in global markets, issues this statement regarding Moody's recent decision to downgrade Israel's credit rating.

Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC operates as a single–family office, managing the financial affairs and investments of its principal, Jake P. Noch, with no outside clients. Our office specializes in building and nurturing portfolio companies and facilitating their transition to the public sphere through merger transactions. Additionally, we provide continued support to our public portfolio companies via court–approved 3(a)(10) arrangements.

In response to Moody's downgrade, Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC wishes to express its profound disappointment and concerns over the assessment. The firm firmly believes that the downgrade lacks justification and impartiality, as it overlooks crucial fundamental factors regarding Israel's security situation and economic potential.

Israel, the only Jewish state in the world, stands as a beacon of democracy and resilience in a region fraught with conflict and instability. Its unwavering commitment to defending itself against terrorist threats, particularly from Hamas, is integral to its stability and economic prosperity. Moody's failure to recognize this reality undermines the credibility of its assessment. Moreover, Israel's successful defeat of Hamas would significantly reduce security risks and unlock greater economic opportunities, leading to enhanced productivity and investment attractiveness.

Israel boasts a robust and diversified economy, supported by a thriving technology sector, world–class universities, and a highly skilled workforce. The country's prudent fiscal policies, strong regulatory environment, and strategic geographic location further bolster its creditworthiness.

Furthermore, Israel's continued commitment to innovation and entrepreneurship drives sustainable economic growth and attracts foreign investment. Moody's downgrade fails to acknowledge these strengths and the resilience of the Israeli economy in the face of security challenges.

Moody's decision to downgrade Israel's credit rating fails to consider the broader financial implications of a secure and stable Israel. A safer Israel not only fosters regional stability but also strengthens global economic growth by creating a more conducive environment for business and investment.

Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC urges Moody's to reconsider its downgrade decision and conduct a more thorough assessment that incorporates the fundamental thesis on Israel's security and economic potential. The firm advocates for a fair and objective evaluation that accurately reflects Israel's creditworthiness and contribution to global stability and prosperity.

Furthermore, Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC reaffirms its unwavering support for Israel and its commitment to promoting fairness and transparency in financial assessments.

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SOURCE: Jake P. Noch Family Office, LLC.

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